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Seven Local News - Wide Bay

Good luck to our Fraser Coast outriggers who are off to National Sprint Titles

Seven Local News - Wide Bay

Fraser Coast Outriggers dominate at National Sprint titles


Fraser Coast Outrigging Canoe Club will be holding a Sign On between 8am & 10am on Saturday the 23rd and Sunday the 24th of September at the Fraser Coast Outrigging Compound.  

Please contact the Secretary for more information

Welcome to the Fraser Coast Outriggersfacebook

The sport of outrigger canoe racing is steeped in Polynesian traditions and culture. The va'a is a Polynesian outrigger canoe with a slender hull connected to an ama, which provides ballast and lift, by two wooden spars (iako).

18557496 1173611012767743 7829503306309278863 nOutrigger canoes have been travelling the Pacific Ocean for 4000 years. The earliest outrigger craft are thought to have originated around 2000 BC when ancient Polynesians ventured into the Eastern Pacific Ocean and settled the remote islands of the Pacific Rim.

The first outrigger canoe race was in the Hawaiian Islands in Waikiki in 1917 and has grown as a competitive sport in Australia, starting in the Whitsundays as a competition between staff on the resort islands.

The first outrigger canoe was bought to Hervey Bay by Linus Bagley after he was introduced to the sport by Keith Williams at Hamilton Island.
There are two types of outrigger canoe racing, sprint races and marathon races, and a variety of canoe types from single paddler (OC1) to six paddler (OC6)

In polynesion culture the Whale Tail, symbolised in the Fraser Coast Outrigger Canoe Club logo, is a totem of good luck, speed, strength, freedom and joy within.

Fraser Coast Outrigger Canoe Club competes in zone, national and international events with very successful results across all divisions from juniors to platinum masters.

Fraser Coast Outrigger Canoe Club today has some 100 members, six OC6 racing canoes, a storage compound, canoe trailer and an attitude to the sport which balances a healthy competitive spirit with a fun, social environment.

 Compound sign with Lynda patch