Letter From The Editor

Sitting here doing final edit before this magazine goes to print, so many thoughts are going through my head. What a great ten years we have had. I can't imagine my life without outrigging. Over the past 9 years I have made some great friends, laughed more than I thought humanly possible and discovered the wonderful feeling of breaking through the barrier and achieving something I never I could.

Along the way, with the laughter and fun have been tears of joy, tear of frustration, tears of sheer exhaustion and tears of genuine sadness but it all melts together to complete the picture of achievement, success and friendships that I call outrigging. My life in these years of raising children, making a living and generally living my life as all been done ever constant backdrop of outrigging.

In putting this together my main aim was to give us all a chronicle of our experiences and achievements. Something for us all to take away full of memories but also to give our Club a documented history. I have always believed a solid and prosperous future is based on the lessons of the past and hopefully highs and lows expressed in this book will prove useful for future committees. Every attempt has been made to give coverage to every one who as participated, however I apologise if for some reason I have overlooked anyone as each and everyone of you should be proud of the roles you have played in our history.

I want to thank all of the people who have contributed to this edition and berate those of you (slack) people who didn't. But most of all I want to thank the people of Fraser Coast Outrigger Canoe Club for being who you are and for adding to my life in all your various special ways.

Outrigging is not just a sport, it is a philosophy. Taking life by the throat and grabbing all the achievements, fun, friendship, laughter and good times that you possibly can.

To me this is not a dress rehearsal its life.

Melinda (Lou) Garland