I Sh*t You Not

It was about four years ago.  We were gathered on the lawn at the back of the Mooloolaba Yacht Club waiting for the announcement of the Zone Champion Club.  Our Club had done fairly well that season and we were hoping to improve on our seventh place the year before.

As the points were read out from the lowest up, it was soon evident we had, third to be exact.  We were ecstatic.  Finally some respect and recognition within the Zone.  I remember thinking "It doesn't get much better than this".  However three years later, there I was, on the beach at Noosa, accepting the trophy for Zone Champion Club.  This was a very proud moment for me as President, and I know that everyone who had contributed was just as proud.

This year saw our juniors take on the might of Outrigger and Panamuna, and come away successful.
It was inspiring to see so many of our senior paddlers take on coaching junior teams and individuals to success.
The comradery and sportsmanship shown by these juniors was a credit to them and their coaches.

My year as President was not all plain sailing with some tumultuous times, which had the potential to damage the club. However, through it all, the club not only survived but gained strength, which only reinforces something I have always believed in. That no individual, or individuals, from the President on down, is more important that the club. Fraser Coast is, was and always will be a club like no other, mainly because of the crazy people in it.

I have always been proud to belong to it and I would like to think that all members feel the same.  Remember, although your circumstances may take you to other clubs, a part of your heart will always stay with Fraser Coast.

By Ian Wilson