Give It All You've Got And A Little Bit More

OUTRIGGING was a large part of my life for many years with training, coaching, meetings, travelling away to regattas and many other functions associated with outrigging and how times have changed. Full on one minute and nothing the next. I have not lifted a paddle or sat in a canoe for over three years now and yes, I do miss it. Work commitments have taken up much of my time but one day you never know.

I have some very fond memories of my time with Fraser Coast. The early cold winter morning training sessions come to mind. The gruelling marathons and Hamilton Island Cup races. The hectic sprint races where pre race nerves ensured the toilet was a popular place. The setting up and pulling down of equipment before and after regattas. The rigging and de rigging of canoes and of course the late nights social activities. All great fun, hard work and lots of achievements. The only regret I have was as President as I would have liked to continue to lead this ever-increasing achieving outrigger canoe club.

The highlight of my paddling career was receiving a bronze medal from my hero Clint Robinson for the Master Men OC6 1,000 meters sprint at the National Titles in Rockhampton. My lowest moment was at the same regatta when our canoe in the marathon was taking on too much water and we had to pull out of the race. I don't like quitting. I think the problem was we had no covers on. Mooloolaba had no covers on their canoe as well and they won the race. Must have been better than us!!

I was a member of Fraser Coast when the club was beginning to grow in experience, knowledge, members and activities. New canoes, compound, training plans, and coaching clinics. Medal winners were increasing and continued to increase. I am proud to see the reports of how great The Fraser Coast Outrigger Canoe Club has performed over the recent years.

Congratulations to all and keep up the hard work, commitment and of course above all, have lots of fun. Always remember my motto, GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT AND A LITTLE BIT MORE with everything you do.

By John Gaskin