What Is "Red Paddles"?

Red Paddles is a lot of laughs!!  Red Paddles is a chance for outrigger men to dress as women!!!  Red Paddles is sometime embarrassing for EVERYONE!!!  Red Paddles is a whole bunch of acts performed by some very good and some not so good outrigger members.  Red Paddles is the Fraser Coast outrigging version of "Red Faces" from the "Hey Hey It's Saturday"

Normally a once-a-year event, the Fraser Coast Outrigger Canoe Club holds RED PADDLES. The venue MUST sell alcoholic beverages. Members of the Club perform as best they can, acting out silly skits, singing and dancing to an audience of bemused onlookers.

Lou Garland and a bunch of other open women came up with the idea while Christine Dixon was fundraising co-ordinator for the club.

Since its conception, the event has raised a lot of eyebrows and a lot of money for the club. For example, two open men dressed up as "Priscilla Queen of the Desert" drag queens flirting with the male judges and loving every minute of it????

Grown senior men & women making total fools of themselves dressed as babies; The social morning paddling Mums doing their utmost NOT to go paddling but to sit on the beach sunbaking and drinking; Village People look alikes who can't sing for nuts; open women thinking they were part of the production of Swan Lake and I should just stop there!!

The three people that were usually picked to judge the winning act were some kind of celebrity status in Hervey Bay or elsewhere.  We had gambling dens, donated prizes auctioned to the highest bidder and at the end of the night a mega huge time was had by all.

RED PADDLES is a Fraser Outrigger Canoe Club institution, where it is a MUST that too much fun and laughter is the best judge of success of the night.

Thanks for the memories everyone!!!
Jane Crawford.