To All Past And Current Members Of The Fraser Coast Outrigger Canoe Club

Hi there and a huge welcome to an exciting celebration of the Club reaching its 10th Anniversary.

I hope that everyone who receives a copy of this momento of our celebration gets as much enjoyment from reading the articles and looking at the classic photos, as we did when we put it together over a few bottles of wine and a lot of laughs.

I started of paddling with a bunch of girls back in 1993, after I had played just about every other sport imaginable. Kayleen King (nee Glossop), said to me one day, "Come on Jane, go down to the beach one morning at 5.30am and have a go at outrigging!" Once I got onto the water and had my first paddle I was hooked!!! From there on, I have paddled consecutive seasons and I still look forward to each sessions and I will look forward to each season as a new and exciting one.

Over the past ten years the Club has grown from strength to strength. From humble beginnings of a couple of canoes laying on Torquay Beach, to having our own secured compound with thousands of dollars worth of canoes ready for action by the now 130 members of our Club. A compound built by the hands of our own club members!!

The thing I have enjoyed best about our Club is not only the great feeling of getting on the water and having fun, or even the bonus of winning medals.  The BEST feeling has been making true and great friendships with the people I have paddled with. Experiencing the highs and lows of winning and losing, and sharing fantastic times on the beach with people who I call my friends. That is what outrigging and this club has extended to me, and I am sure that is feeling shared by most of our clubs members, past and present.

I would really like to acknowledge the great work and help of Melinda Garland, Ian Wilson and Brett Crawford who have put a lot of time and effort into putting this little piece of our history together for you all to enjoy. I hope you all have a fabulous time going through the many wonderful memories that 10 years of this club has been built on. Seeing old faces and some of the new.

Here's to the first ten years of the Fraser Coast Outrigger Canoe Club and cheers to the next ten years!! Hope to see you all soon.

Yours in outrigging,

Jane Crawford

President 2001/2