Panamuna Marathon

The club had four teams attend the Panamuna Marathon Regatta, two in the Open Men Short Course and two in the Open Women Short Course over 9km. This was the first race for Novice paddlers Jim Tupper and Dave Roper and feedback was that they really enjoyed themselves, welcome to Outrigger Canoe Racing boys!.
The "Steven Bradbury All-Stars" AKA the Master Men, placed second in the Open Short Course and whilst it was not the hottest field to hit the water this year,  as the saying goes. "you can only beat the teams that turn up on the day!". A  good hitout for the boys in preparation for Hammo all the same.

Our Snr Master and Master Women combinations competing in the Open Womens Short Course toiled hard in their race with their exact placings not yet to hand.   Due to some less than favourable scheduling they had to back up in the 27km Changeover Race with only 10mins break... A tough gig ladies.... Just remember,  what does not kill you makes you stronger....

Congradulations to Julie Bray and Doug West who finished 2nd and 3rd respectively in the mixed 27km Changeover Race after they joined forces with Northcliffe and Kaipuna.

Good luck to to everyone going to hammo and to those paddling in seat one, do not forget to take your snorkle and goggles when you go around south head...hahahahaha

Big Kev