Hammo Results

250m OC1 Sprints
GMW 6th of 7 (Smith)

250m OC2 Sprints
OW 6th of 6 (Smith/Coles)
OW 6th of 6 (Mcleay/Sewell)
OM 7th of 7 (West/Godsell)

500m OC6 Sprints
MW 4th of 6 (Dixon)
MW 8th of 8 (Walker)
MM 4th of 8
SMW 6th of 8
GMW 2nd of 4 (Final) Silver Medal

1000m OC6 Sprints
MW 4th of 4 (Dixon)
MW 6th of 6 (Walker)
MM 5th of 5
SMW 3rd of 8
GMW 2nd of 3 (Final) Silver Medal

8km OC1
GMW 2nd of 2 (Smith) Silver Medal

8km OC2
OW 12th of 13 (Walker/Todd)
OM 15th of 15 (West Godsell)
OMix 12th of 20 (Bray/Bray) (44th of 141 Overall)
OMix 15th of 20 (Ironside/Wagner) (63rd of 141 Overall)

16km OC6
MW 19th of 21 (Dixon)  (51st of 69 Overall)
MW 21st of 21 (Walker) (53rd of 69 Overall)
MM 19th of 22
SMW 5th of 12 (40th of 69 Overall)

40km OC6 Hamilton Is Cup
MM Fraser/Coffs 9th of 9 (37th of 88 Overall)
MW 8th of 9  (77th of 88 Overall)

Congratulations to our GMW who won two Silver medals and Wendy Smith who finshed with three silver medals overall, well done!      Also well done to Julie Bray who won Gold in the SMW with Northcliffe in the 40km race.

Master Men

Overall, some positive signs and something to build on as we improved our times and placing’s in both the 500m sprints and in the 16km race from last year. The boys really enjoyed the chance to paddle in the Hamilton Is Cup 40km race and in teaming up with some new friends from Coffs Coast. Some very tough conditions with wind gusts of 25-30knots, 2-3 metre swells and a hungry Tiger shark to contend with!!.