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Maintenence Tips

OC1/OC2 Maintenance Tips

By adopting the following practices, you will ensure your Outrigger Connection OC1 or OC2 is always in great condition and performing to it's fullest potential.
You will also have a canoe that will last longer, look better and (when the time comes to upgrade) will have a greater resale value.

  • Fibreglass requires up to 2 weeks to "cure" fully (that is, to achieve it's maximum strength). Ideally then, you should continue to paddle your old canoe for 1-2 weeks after receipt of your new canoe. And avoid if at all possible, paddling a new canoe in big seas for this period.
  • Prior to use, check that the breather tube is clear in the bung before inserting the bung. You should be able to blow air though it.
  • Please note. A blocked breather tube can cause damage to your canoe as the air inside your canoe expands and contacts with changes in temperature.
  • Always remove the bung after use or when the canoe is sitting in the sun.
  • Wash the canoe down with fresh water after each use. Once a month remove the rudder cover and flush the area with fresh water also.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight wherever possible.
  • At regattas store the canoe in the shade if possible. On windy days secure the canoe down or lay it into the prevailing wind.
  • Always transport and store canoes in a cover where possible. Padded or toweling covers are available from Outrigger Connection. Padded covers although more expensive provides improved padding and protection.
  • Should you hole or damage your canoe wash it out with fresh water immediately and return it to Outrigger Connection for repairs. We now have a specialist repairer on the team who will ensure you get a professional repair and are back on the water as quickly as possible.
  • When transporting your canoe we suggest flat tie downs (or straps) as opposed to rope. Customised canoe cradle roof racks are available from Outrigger Connection.
  • Once a month after washing down we recommend a quick spray of all moving parts with "Easy Glide" or some such product eg. WD40.

Please Remember that today's OC1 and OC2 canoes are hi-tech racing equipment designed for high performance in the open ocean. They were not built to with stand the pounding given out in the surf or shore breaks.

Should you require any further information regarding this or any other matter concerning Outrigger Connection products please call. We would love to hear from you.

Happy paddling.

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