Kia orana!(Hello) Some of our Fraser Coast Outrigger Junior members were very honoured to represent at the 2019 Vaka Eiva in Raratonga, Cook Islands in November 2019. They were accompanied by our Junior Coach and some very excited parents. Our juniors & parents were busy fundraising to help them attend this iconic event and wish to thank all those that helped them get there. 

Our journey was amazing and our paddlers were very honoured to experience the Culture and generosity of Raro.  We attended a traditional dance performance which amazed us all and some of us even joined in. We were lucky enough to be invited to an amazing lunch prepared by local Rakahanga Hostel in Avarua who welcomed us with prayer & song.
We were also invited to join in on their fundraising bingo, all I can say is WOW!! You have to be alert & on your toes to play. We had a ball.

We visited a local school Takitumu and was welcomed with open arms by the children and Teachers. We took along some reading books that we donated to all the classes and our Juniors were able to read them to each class. The interaction from the children was heart warming. Our Juniors realised just how lucky they were to have so much at their own schools.
We also experienced Sunday service at the local church. The hymns were sung with joy and soul and we were all invited to sing along.

Vaka Eiva was amazing. The competition was tough, fun and exhausting, but our Juniors would not have it any other way. They were lucky enough to medal but it was more about the experience and the Culture. They had the times of their lives and this experience will stay with them for life. Hopefully they will all return to Raro in the future and compete once again at Vaka Eiva. 

We would like to say meitaki (thank you) to all the supporters that helped our Juniors to be able to have this amazing experience. We are truly blessed.

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Thanks so much to the Hervey Bay RSL for your support and sponsorship!

Kawana2019 00682

Blessing of our new canoe this morning was beautiful... Her name is Lo’kahi means unity and harmony.....a perfect name which symbolises exactly where the club is.
Simply beautiful! (thank you for the photo Nikki Stewart Boyd)!!


Congratulations to all our paddlers that attended the 2019 National Sprint Titles in Kawana.
It was a very successful Titles and our paddlers all showed true Fraser Club spirit.


Thank you to all that participated in our Club Open Day. It was a wonderful morning on the water and a great time was had by all.
We hope to see you all again next Sunday at 7.45am...
Thank you to all our members that helped out and showed how Fraser rolls... GO FRASER!!

if anybody missed out then head along to come & Try on Sundays at 7.45am




World titles - Tahiti 2018

This great bunch of Fraser Coast Outrigger Club members, Amber, Laura, Taleigha and Lachlan (Juniors) and Jim (Senior) headed to Tahiti
to represent their Club and their Country at the 2018 IVF VA'A WORLD SPRINT CHAMPIONSHIPS.

Juniors Representing Worlds 2018


Photos from Tahiti 2018




Photos from the 2018 Nationals held in February


Australia Day


Assorted Photos from 2017


Come and Try & Social Paddling  7.45am Sundays